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Innovative charging adapter

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I have developed a innovative charging adapter for cell phones/ EV cars, bikes on which runs on battery (could be electric car, cell phone or anything which depends on a  battery ) on the adapter there is a LCD display consist of 3 features-

1) Displays current charging percentage with help of a display-

Current charging percentage of cell phone or Ev Displays on to the provided Lcd of adapter due to which you can look for charging percentage from a distance itself that could be 80% (charging).

2) To avoid overheating of adapter -

So day by day adapters are getting costly so to save the adapter the heat level is shown on adapter to save the adapter from overheating.

3)  Automatically cuts of power supply on full charge of battery-

Last but not the least if the battery is fully charged the adapter will directly cut the power supply to save the mobile or Ev battery from overcharging.

To make a win-win we save both the battery of the respected mobile /Ev and the adapter from overheating. Thus, to increase the life of the mobile/EV as well as the adapter.

Yours faithfully, 

Name- Pritam Desai

Contact- +91 8888011628

Email- pritamdesai44@gmail.com

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