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Revolutionizing Dog Walking: Introducing STURMFREI® – Your Solution to Stress-Free Walks

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Revolutionizing Dog Walking: Introducing STURMFREI® - Your Solution to Stress-Free Walks

The world of innovation is currently dominated by artificial intelligence. However, while this market is already crowded and margins are shrinking, there is a sector that has been steadily expanding for years and appeals primarily to women: the market for dog products.

Despite the multitude of products flooding the market, many dog owners still have a need for high-quality products that reflect the value of their beloved four-legged friends. The number of dogs in Germany alone has increased from 6 million to 10 million in the last ten years, and this trend continues in other Western countries as well as in countries like Turkey and Israel, where dogs are increasingly seen as family members.

For this reason, in 2014, we developed a patent: a highly complex anti-pull harness that not only prevents pulling and leash aggression but also provides a comfortable walking experience for both dog and owner and can increase the dog's lifespan by reducing stress.

With a team of just two women, we have gained over 21,000 customers in the past ten years (german speaking area)– without a business loan, production hall, or further support. Our story is evidence of the success and potential of our product.

The demand for our product is enormous, but our production capacities are limited. In 2022, we achieved a turnover of over €200,000, and with the right reach, a turnover of €1 million is easily achievable.

Our patent, STURMFREI® („storm free“), is patented in 11 countries, and we also offer specially designed accessories that meet the practical requirements of dog owners.

We are now looking for a buyer who can take over the production capacities of STURMFREI® on a large scale and distribute the product worldwide. We are happy to assist you, whether in production planning or the development of marketing materials.

We invite you to read our presentation PDF and are available for further questions.



Best regards,

Nina Bednarz (M.A.)
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