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Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Themistoklis Moudrakis, a father of three sweet little girls. Along with every responsible parent across the globe, my objective is to have our children grow up to be healthy and strong. Growing up goes through so many stages, each one with its own unique challenges.  Going through the process and agonies of keeping my babies safe, I came up with a very unique idea that guards our infants from accidental death due to suffocation and strangulation, while they are tossing and turning during their bed time. Parents are juggling so many things and their attention can be drawn in so many different directions, leaving infants unattended during their bed time. Statistics from CDC present a significant percentage (24%) of infant deaths (>1000 cases in the USA) due to suffocation while sleeping. 

MY UNIQUE IDEA ELIMINATES THE CHANCES OF SUCH FATAL ACCIDENTS, aiming on totally eliminating infant suffocation during sleep; therefore giving parents a peace of mind. I hold a patent (Patent 16911649 ) on that idea, which is based on a unique, transparent, and hassle free restrained system, attached to infant clothes. This system, while not interrupting the peaceful and valuable sleep of our infants, protects them from accidentally tossing and turning, leading them to fatal accidents.  

I decided to come into contact  with your company because I know that you care for our infants as much as a real parent cares for them. I would like to work together with you, as a team that will bring this idea into life protecting our infants, the future of our planet. Understanding that we have similar objectives, I would like to discuss possible ways of moving forward with this patent and potential collaboration. So, you help me give to my idea flesh and bones, protecting our precious infants for becoming part of our future.

Please provide me with a point of contact to discuss this matter further.

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