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System and method for detecting non-contact repellency of a compound candidate from Drosophila

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I have an invention to sell for $20,0000. Patent Number: US10948398B1. Published on 2021-03-16.

The present invention relates generally to insect repellent testing systems, and more specifically, to a system and method for detecting non-contact repellency of a compound candidate from Drosophila (fruit flies)It is an assay system for a repellent includes transparent tubing having end chambers. The setup has a central testing area positioned between the end chambers; small openings between the central testing area and end chambers; absorbent material positioned adjacent to the openings and being soaked in either a control substance or a repellent; and fruit flies are introduced into the central testing area and allowed to migrate through the openings and into either end chamber. 

This invention to provide a more objective and effective assay that will facilitate the discovery and development of novel active ingredients with inherent spatial repellent properties.

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