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About Us

The MIDES design company was established in 2008 with the leading project called the Aero Sail system, rigging for any type and size of sailing and motor yachts for easier and better exploitation of infinite and green energy -  WIND. At Mides design, we are dedicated to clean technologies and would like to expand the idea of general use of simple sails as a main propulsion system for all the vessels. The Aero sail design model has been registered and protected since 2006 and patented in 2019 by Mr Erik Šifrer and the Mides design company. As the idea of having universal, smart and automated sails, the project was started already in 2002. Mr Šifrer holds a Master of Arts degree as an industrial designer, landscape architect, sailor and a creative director with extensive experience in naval design and he is also the co-owner of MIDES design. Basically, the company does business in NAVAL DESIGN and LANDBASE DESIGN.



AERO SAIL project As there is a great demand for green technology in shipping industry, especially when European Commission is going to impose higher taxes…

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