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Aero sail_automated & foldable sail rig

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AERO SAIL project

As there is a great demand for green technology in shipping industry, especially when European Commission is going to impose higher taxes and penalties on polluters, at Mides design studio we prepared a solution for all the existing and new ships, it is Aero sail, a simple and automatic system driven by endless wind energy to reduce a use of expensive and toxic fuel. AERO SAIL, Sail construction or A-frame masts, patented by Erik Sifrer and Mides design is still a world novelty in the field of sailing, as the system does not require any deck equipment at all and provides a completely single & short-handed, and very easy to manage sailing solution. It can even be completely automated, in addition to greater safety, it is reliable, efficient in all conditions and the ultimate in visual impression... Aero sail system can be applicable on different types of sailing or motor yachts, even on existing vessels, ranging from small sail yachts from 5m up to 200m Super yachts and on to a giga commercial ships. That is about to a 55% of all existing commercial vessels in the world: tankers, bulk carriers, passenger ships (that is around of 52.660 vessels). Aero sail unit can easily be mounted onto the existing deck structure without taking the inner cargo space. The most important advantage of Aero sail is its completely self-folding system level with the deck in case of storms, no winds, services or going under the bridge. And thus the Aero sail rig, make a major contribution to reduce the carbon footprint, while this system can save around 60% of heavy oil on the windy routes especially in the commercial sector. Therefore follows that ships which are our target cause in total 1.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. By reducing the use of fuel by aprox up to 60% on windy routes, we can get the final Global annual reduction rate of 0.9%.

More on: https://www.mides-design.si/aerosail/2

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Kapiteljska 9, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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