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Worldwide Distribution Rights Opportunity for Eco-Product

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Greetings Inpama.com Members,  EcoLawn Aerator is offering a Potentially Profitable Opportunity

of Purchasing or Licensing the Worldwide Distribution Rights for up to 120 Countries or any Single or

Combination of Countries for a Fair Negotiated Price and Terms to be discussed with your Company.

The Manufacturable and Licenseable Products are EcoLawn Aerator's Line of Contractor Grade Core Lawn Aerators

per PCT Patent Application PCT/CA2021/051199 and shall include Two Production Models with Sales in Canada

and Two More Powered Prototype Models and a Complete Set of  CAD Models, Drawings, Part Specifications and More.

Please review my Materials and contact me if you wish to discuss a Business Arrangement for

the Proven Performance and Cost Effective Lawn Core Aerators which have been Successfully Test Marketed

in 2022 with Customers purchasing aerators in 14 Cities in Canada and growing as of 2023.

The PCT Patent Application was prepared by a Professional Engineer who is also a Patent Attorney in Toronto, Canada and was also closely reviewed by an Industrial Engineer in Toronto, Canada.

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To Access the Published PCT Application use: WO 2022/040814




Please contact me or let me know your number and a convenient time to discuss your proposal.


EcoLawn Aerator Inc.

Toronto, Canada


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EcoLawn Aerator Incorporated

Opportunity for New Product Worldwide PCT Patent Rights

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Yes there are many Customers who have been using the EcoLawn Aerator Push and Tow Core Lawn Aerators in Canada.
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