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I have developed a modular adaptive camouflage cell intended for military vehicles, which allows the vehicle on which the cells are installed to change its camouflage depending on the environment in which it is located. The cells are mounted on the sides of the vehicle and are synchronized during assembly. Each cell contains several layers of camouflage chosen by the user. The choice of camouflage is made by the operator or an algorithm based on the data received from the sensors.

The cell mechanism was designed to be cheap to manufacture, easy to maintain and resistant to weather and terrain conditions.

In addition to camouflage, the cell can contain unit emblems, symbols (eg ambulance, rescuers), warning signs, reflective surfaces (in rescue missions), etc.Depending on the user's wishes and the type of vehicle, add-on armor can be added to the rear of the cell, which increases the ballistic protection of the vehicle.

The size of the cell depends on the type of vehicle on which it will be installed. It is also possible to place a layer with 3D camouflage, for example an integrated camouflage net.

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