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I would like to sell my patented recycle container.  It is a 96 gallon recycling container with a hole and a slot that allows recyclable material to be inserted one at a time into the container in an attempt to prevent non-recyclable material from being inserted into the container. The recycling container further comes with a locking mechanism to restrict opening which prevents unwanted recycle items to be placed in the cart. It comes with 10'' wheels to allow for the container to be moved easily. It also is equipped with a shelf to separate different types of material, and a drain. This recycle container is designed to be used for residential and commercial collection to reduce and/or eliminate the risk of contamination; thereby providing a cleaner and profitable product. This container can be used with rear loader and automated side load collection vehicles. This container is very beneficial in single stream collection because of the low contamination being dealt with at the MRF(Materials Recycling Facilities). Finally, this container will reduce contaminated waste going into the landfill ,which will be beneficial for the environment and the hauling companies providing the service. It will reduce litter during collection, prevent identity theft, reduce landfill expenses and hauling transportation costs.

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