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My name is Carl Hayward.

I am the product developer and owner of The Portable Cupholder(PATENTED), The beverage holding device for your belt. Its lightweight, adjustable, rotational, and so unique it its look, its sure to be a conversation starter.

-Able to keep their drink close by, without having to freeze, burn, or make their hands uncomfortable to others by being wet.

-Alternative to having to put it on the ground, or on a table with other drinks that look exactly like yours.

-Both of your hands free, so you can focus on other things, like waving at your child at the game, shaking hands, etc.

-The Portable Cupholder is great for fitness walkers, tailgating, outdoor concerts and events, etc.

-The PCH is also equipped with a detachable side container, large enough to hold money, credit cards, pens, pencils, or any other frequently reached for items.


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